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Smart Plate
Wireless Streaming Photo Frame & Free Mobile Application
Supported mobile applications for iOS 7.0 or more & Android 4.1 or more
USD 148.00 + Shipping Charge
Sold Out
Bringing us to the table
Technological innovation has made possible what was once merely a figment of our imagination. But this same innovation has made the user experience inconvenient and complex, creating barriers. By making the user experience the central tenet of our design, we break down those barriers. After all, easier access brings people closer together.
True simplicity
Using Smart Plate, along with its app, is easy and intuitive. Simply connect Smart Plate to wireless Internet and download the app on your smartphone. Select photos and send. (Full support for iOS / Android OS)
Clear, high-quality images
In-Plane Switching (IPS) and LED backlighting technologies are applied to the Smart Plate display, providing clarity and a wide viewing angle. The square frame accommodates both portrait and landscape photos without distortion.
In-Plane Switching (IPS) and LED backlighting
Smart Plate’s IPS touch panel features a full 178 degree view, maintaining ultimate color precision with no color shift from any angle. The LED backlight enhances color reproduction with increased light transmission.
Digital function in analog form
Our design philosophy focuses on the genuine human experience, beyond the tech specs. Although it features cutting-edge technology on the inside, Smart Plate is a standalone object of simple beauty. Just as a chef artfully presents a meal on a plate, your priceless moments are shared on Smart Plate.
Smart Plate comes in colors and materials that complement any environment. The included magnetic cover protects the display on the go or when not in use, or functions as a stand in two different positions. An optional wall mount is also available. Each Smart Plate is individually numbered on the back of its magnetic cover to accentuate its limited run.
New perspectives, new experiences
Asking extraordinary questions in everyday life – that’s where we begin. Connecting people to products, products to products, and people to people is what drives us every day. By applying a unique perspective and a new understanding, we elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary, because that’s the kind of world we envision. One Thousand is a “micro market” brand, producing an initial run of 1000 of each new product. The products validated by the first 1000 consumers are then carefully selected for mass production. This is our innovative approach to bringing ideas to life. By redefining relationships, we present consumers with unique experiences. By creating innovative experiences based on new technologies, and emotional experiences based on new perspectives, we connect people to products, products to products, and people to people closer together.
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Smart Case
Smart Case, Meets Hyundai Card
For iPhone 5 / 5S
USD 10.00 + Shipping Charge
Sold Out
New design optimized
for iPhone 5
Perfectly harmonized with innovative design of the iPhone 5, the Smart Case 3 has been designed to protect the iPhone from external shock while the improved design of the card compartment houses a maximum of two credit cards; all this without adding excess bulk and maintaining convenient to use. On top of this, a metal latch mounted on the back can be fitted with the included finger strap that is designed to be compatible with the Apple iPod Touch loop.
1.Smart Case
Material : Polycarbonate, Aluminum
Size : H126.5 x W62.5 x D11.6(mm)
Weight : 11g
2.EMW Absorbing Card
Material : ABS
Size : H54 x W85.5 x D0.8(mm)
Weight : 3.5g
3.Finger Strap
Material : Chamude
Size : H100 x W9 x D0.75(mm)
Weight : 1g
Smart Dot Pro
Bookmark Type Laser Pointer &
Free Application
USD 20.00 + Shipping Charge
Bookmark Type Laser Pointer & Free Application
Plug into the audio jack of the iPhone and use as a laser pointer, the exciting and innovative 'Smart Dot' has been reinvented as the Bookmark Type 'Smart Dot Pro'. Combined with a very robust design and convenient portability, along with now a crisper and brighter laser beam, it offers you even greater satisfaction. In addition, the newly added features and improved performances of 'Smart Dot Pro' Application delivers an unprecedented, new surprising environment of presentation.
Material : Aluminum, Polycarbonate,
Stainless Steel
Size : 8.9 X 13 X 57mm
Weight : 7g
Laser Diode
1. Wavelength : 650nm
2. Operating Voltage : DC2.1V~2.5V
3. Operating Current : Under 30mA
4. Operating Power : Under 1.0mW
5. Laser Color : Red
6. Operating Temperature :
7. Storage Temperature : -40~+85°C
8. Spot Diameter at 5 Meter :
Under ¢8mm